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Awards for Request

If you are hosting a memorial website or know of a website that would like to have this award then fill out the form below. Please be sure to include your correct email address and URL for the site receiving this award, and make sure to let me know which ones you are requesting.
You can request any of these awards, there is no limit on how many you can request.
Golden Halo Award #01
Angelic Site Award #03
Magical Site Award #02
Spectacular Site Award #04

Your Name:
Your Email:
Your Site Name:
Your URL http://
Type of Site:
How did you find this site:
Which Award(s) Requesting:GoldenHaloAward


If you are hosting a memorial site for an infant angel or child of any age, then please feel free to take this award for your site.  You can link it back to us at :


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